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Pre-Winter and Holiday Preparations

Here we are a couple of weeks into autumn and already beginning to think about the upcoming holiday season. In addition to all the fun festivities ahead, we also turn our thoughts to travel and other potentially unpleasant things that colder winter weather ushers in.

A little forethought and planning can go a long way. So, now’s a great time to think about some of the important details that can help make the holidays and the entire winter easier to weather.

Stay Healthy by Getting a Check-up and Enough Rest

Many people are sensitive to the change in weather and at the first dip in temperature these folks start sniffling. One way to stay healthy is to start drinking plenty of water, eat more nutritionally dense foods, and avoid eating too much sugar (there’ll be plenty of sugar during the holidays!)

With shorter days and longer nights it’s important to get plenty of rest. Once the holidays get closer your stress level will most likely go up and you’ll have all kinds of events and parties to attend. So rest up now. Also encourage your family and staff to do the same. You could even go the extra mile and schedule a check up for yourself and your loved ones with your family doctor. That way you’ll be ready to take the winter and its harsh conditions by storm!

Travel Safely Over the River and Through the Woods

Whether you’re going to Thanksgiving dinner across town, across the state or across the country, make sure that your car is in tip-top shape for winter weather. Take it to your dealer or mechanic for a winter tune up. Ask them to check for the proper air pressure in the tires and make sure all the fluids are winterized.

Also put an emergency kit in your car and be sure to bring blankets in the event you get stuck in freezing weather. It’s always a good idea to have few flares on hand too, along with a thermos full of a hot beverage or soup. If you’re traveling great distances, plan to take rest breaks. As much as possible stay on well traveled roads and well-lit highways. When in areas you are not familiar with take greater precautions and be more alert than usual.

Ship Gifts Well in Advance of Holidays

If you’re not traveling but gifts are, be sure to plan well in advance so the gifts arrive before, not after the holidays. You must keep in mind that weather can delay your packages in the same way that it can delay your own travel plans. Even if the weather is perfect where you live, that doesn’t mean it’s the same between you and your packages final destinations. The best plan is to get everything in the mail right after Thanksgiving. That way you know everyone will be thrilled and delighted, yourself included!

Until next month, here’s wishing everyone a great fall season, and may the approaching winter be good to you this year.


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