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These large, colorful take-home papers involve parents in the spiritual growth of their children with Bible learning reinforcement and suggested family activities. (One per child)

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The Brink Leader’s Pack (CD) The Brink Leader’s Pack CD provides everything needed to lead a small group of twenty-somethings in practical discussion of the Bible. The leader’s guide maps out how to navigate through the meeting time, while the handouts and PowerPoint slides give leaders...

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The Holy Land has long been and will continue to be a focal point of global significance. Far out of proportion to its size, it gains almost daily headlines in the news media. Whereas many areas of the world have had their periods of strength and decline, such as Central America and Spain, Palestine has been and continues to be a constant zone of tension and the focus of vast international ambitions and struggles.

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This volume contains Bible-based messages that have been preached at the General Association over a period of several decades. The subjects of these sermons represent the themes of the denomination during that time. preachers and lay people alike will be blessed by these inspiring messages from General Baptist preachers.

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This book captures a significant period of the historical development of General Baptist in North America. This is a unique work that reflects the growth and organization of the denomination from one who himself was a significant personality in its developement.

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Introduction: The world into which Jesus came could by no stretch of the imagination be called a free world. Certain it was that the Jews did not enjoy freedom. It had been a long time since they had been free. The Golden Age of David and Solomon was gone forever. The Jews had been subject...

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The material found in this book is a commentary of the official Statement of Faith as adopted by the General Association of General Baptist. In a sense it is one man's opinion, one man's interpretation. But it is an interpretation formulated and instilled over a period of many years of active participation of General Baptist affairs and of being open to the feedback of the thinking of many General Baptist. To put the idea in different words: the writher is expressing his own opinions, but he believes that he is expressing the opinions of a majority of General Baptist.

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Explore 50 years of General Baptist history.

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Frame: 38 1/2 inches by 24 1/2 inches Height, Mat: 34 inches by 20 inches Height- Deep Cherry Frame

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This book clearly presents the new believer with all the basic steps to grow in Christ and to successfully become a part of a local body of Christians.