Our Flordia Pastor Gary Baldus offering the Word

Stinson Press is the printing arm for General Baptist Ministries (Worldwide) and has been an outstanding resource for The General Baptist Ministries since 1965. It is our honor to serve Our Lord and these Ministries of The General Baptist as well as the people who serve within.

We write and publish our own adult Sunday School materials, and we also carry some of the best literature available right here at Stinson Press.  All of these delightful materials are here for our General Baptist churches and for any church of any faith that has a desire to teach bible based curriculum.

Stinson Press

D6 - Randall House

Standard Publishing


Union Gospel 

David C. Cook

Scripture Press

and more...


We proudly answer our own phone calls, so you will always talk with a real person here at Stinson Press.  We have a personal touch here at Stinson Press and we ship everything from this location, so your order is in our hands and is well taken care of by us.

We are a Christian organization and being faith-based we have a mission and a goal to see souls saved and lives changed for a better world and a bigger Kingdom.  It is our goal to help General Baptist churches with literature any way that we can as well as their printing needs.

Remember when you purchase your Church's products with Stinson Press, your money keeps working in our ministries and it also allows us the opportunity to help some of other less-fortunate churches.  When you buy from the local book store in your town or online, they do not help our ministry or donate or give back to General Baptist Ministries, so your support of Stinson Press makes a big difference.

Further we have not received any monies from Unified Giving since the late 1990's. We have to support ourselves fully on income from our literature and printing so again for us to be able to help our churches and ministries we have to work together. May God bless you as you work to build the Kingdom through His guidance.


"Doing together what we cannot do alone..."