When Truth Knocks: A Journey Through Life's Spiritual Fog

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Paper back. Eternity is too long, heaven is too magnificent, and you are too loved by God not to want the truth and nothing but the truth. A spiritual journey for eternal truths.


If we are ignorant of the truth, ignore it, or refuse to accept and act on it, we do so at our peril. Our spiritual well-being and future depend on knowing, embracing, and submitting to the truth. But, unfortunately, the spiritual fog that fills our world also fills our minds. So, if you seek false validation to accommodate your spiritual misconceptions and erroneous spiritual narratives, you have the wrong book. However, you have the right book if you seek spiritual insights and biblical assurance. But be warned, uncomfortable truths are not readily accepted.

I hope you will join me in my spiritual journey for eternal truths. Furthermore, as you read, I hope you will listen carefully for the knocking of truth, for the truths I have learned can help you avoid the mistakes I've made and the wrong conclusions I've embraced.

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